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November 10, 2011

A Blog about Blogs

What makes a good blog? Why do I read the blogs that I do? How do I find the blogs that I love? All very good questions, with many many answers. First, I have to say, I’d like to give a shout out to the blogs I love the most.  My friend Nicole first got me into reading blogs by introducing me to younghouselove earlier this year. Is it the quirky sense of humor or the get it done attitude? Not sure, but I love these guys. They combine humor with home improvement and for some reason it just works. Real people doing real things. Not to mention, both have pretty great writing style.
As for humor and the get it done attitude, from John and $herdog I moved on to BowerPower. Katie Bower just cracks me up. She is my daily dose of humor and great ideas. So far we’ve got humor, attitude, home improvement, good writing…what else?
Well, I am also completely infatuated with the Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond is a hoot. I want to cook like her, photograph like her, and live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. Who’s with me? The only thing I wouldn’t want of hers is the cooking show…I’m level enough to know I’ll never get there. Me and cooking have too many issues…namely the whole measuring and exact timing thing….but that’s a whole different post.
Finally, my most recent read of the day is IHeartOrganizing. I am totally inspired by the way amazing stuff that Jen comes up with. It makes me want to go home and organize everything and anything. Love it.
So, what do all of these blogs have in common? They are created by real people experiencing real life. They are not fluffy or written from the world smells like roses point of view. They are not political or demanding of me. They are well written and humorous. They inspire me. Blogs like these are the reason I want to write a blog.
Are these the only blogs out there? Nope. There are millions. How do I find blogs? By reading other blogs. Whenever a blog is mentioned in something I am reading, I check it out. If it looks like something I am interested in, I will subscribe to it for awhile. If it’s not my thing, I unsubscribe, if I’m lucky, I’ll love it and keep it. Not much to that. It takes time, but I like to consider blog reading (and now writing) my “me” time. I do it when I have a free moment, when I feel stressed, when I need some motivation. Is it a huge time drain? Not really, not unless I get hooked into pinterest while I’m doing it. Pinterest is amazing, but I could spend far too much time perusing around on there. The problem with pinterest is that it doesn’t actually require you to do anything, but, once again, that’s a whole different post. If nothing else, I’m getting lots of ideas for future posts today!
What about you? Read any great blogs lately? Share them with me, we can blog hunt together! Written any great blogs lately? Let me know, I’d love to read them.

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