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November 16, 2011

Travel Time

This morning I am waking up in a hotel. Usually, that is totally a drag. I'm not a huge fan of traveling; I like my house, my things, my people, my pets, and traveling usually interrupts our flow. However, I'm staying at a new Holiday Inn and it is pretty fantastic!

My room was spotless and stylish, the employees have been friendly, and it's a "Travel Green Hotel" so it is super earth friendly and economical.
Wake up recharged.

So, even though Holiday Inn did not pay or perk me to write this blog, my personal and unedited opinion is that they have done a fantastic job revamping their image. Love the new look and the great service!

Although travel is not my most favorite thing, I am hoping that the rest of this week whips by pretty quick. Friday will be super busy with getting all my hunting gear together for the Wisconsin gun deer opener on Saturday. It takes a lot of food and entertainment to spend all day in the woods!

How about you? Anyone traveling? Had a good experience with a Holiday Inn? Going hunting?? Let me know!

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