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January 10, 2012

Review of Mockingjay

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins was a total disappointment in my eyes. I was so excited for this book. Even after feeling that Catching Fire was only lukewarm compared to The Hunger Games, I was hoping for this book to be the exciting, well written grand finale that every trilogy should have.  I was so disappointed.
This book contained so many odd, almost mushy plot lines, unfinished characters, and random twists that it was hard to make myself read every page. The urge to skip over seemingly unimportant scenes or long rambles was hard to resist.
The Katniss that we met in the first book no longer existed in the final one. The characteristics that made me love her, her ability to think on her feet, make decisions, hold her head high, and prioritize were a few of the things that were totally lacking in book three.
I felt that the plot was so blurry in book three that I couldn’t get a grasp on what exactly we as the readers were supposed to be focusing on. The introduction of many new characters with little to no explanation didn’t help the focus either.
I don’t mean to rant on this, but I was really frustrated because I was looking forward to an amazing ending to this story and I was so disappointed. Did anyone else feel like this?
Finally, I just have to add that I feel like book three was so rushed in the writing/publishing aspect. I found so many errors that should have been caught before the book went to print and that just added to my disappointment with the book.
I am now having the feeling of unfinished business which comes when finishing a book that doesn’t tie up all of it’s loose ends. The only way to correct this, in my opinion, is to find another book to read. I’m off to the library to find something else to occupy my imagination.

I still loved the trilogy as a whole, despite the disappointing ending. The whole trilogy is available on Amazon. 

Check it out, get your own and let me know what you think. (I am  a member of the Amazon Affiliates program). 

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