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March 1, 2013

First of all, let me apologize. I disappeared. I’m sorry. It happens. Good news is, I’m back! J

For how long, I don’t know, we’ll see.

Life, as I know it, is crazy right now. Currently, my husband and I are waiting to see if our house sells. We have a unique situation going on here right now. When we bought our house in 2009, we bought it quickly, with the specific purposes of
1. Getting the homebuyer’s tax credit, and
2. Living here until and making enough improvements to resell it when we are ready to build.

Good news, we are ready to build!
Bad news, the house must sell for us to be able to build this year. If not, we’ll have to wait another year to do it.

Good news, we have a potential buyer.
Bad news, the buyer is our neighbor, who owns a butcher shop and wants to put up a store front. The tricky part is, he has to present a business plan to his bank for the purchase of the house  (and the lot, which is what he really wants) and the construction of the business. Translation, we are all in a waiting game.

So, where are we in the construction process?

Well, we spent all fall developing a plan that we both really love. It’s very non traditional, but for our style of living, it’s extremely functional. Now that we have a finalized blueprint, I am so antsy to get started on it.

Even though we have a finalized plan, there are still plenty of things we need to figure out, and plenty of things that we disagree on. For example, I would prefer the house be set further off the driveway, Doug, on the other hand, thinks he wants to keep it closer to the driveway. This is just one of the many disagreements we have, don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted as we go.

If, theoretically, everything come together here in the next month, we will start digging sometime in May. Because of the lay of the land, we will be digging a pond so that we have enough fill. I am excited about the pond for many reasons, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I am also excited to keep you guys in the loop through the blog. I’m looking forward to many updates in the coming months and I am so glad I can get your opinions on things. Stop by and check out our progress and any other goings on that we may have.

Have a great Monday!


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